The Playa Blend (Light)

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Flavor Notes: Watermelon, Hibiscus, Peach and Caramel
Roast Level:  Light
Origin:  Africa & South America

The Playa Blend, a captivating light roast that is designed to elevate your coffee experience with its floral and fruity notes and mellow acidity. Enjoy the delightful notes of watermelon, hibiscus, peach and the gentle sweetness of caramel. It's like a sip of sunshine and spring in a cup.  

Its light roast profile ensures a clean and vibrant cup that awakens your senses with every sip. It's the perfect balance of brightness and smoothness.  

The beans in The Playa Blend are sourced from the rich coffee landscapes of Africa and South America, combining the best of both continents to create a coffee that's truly exceptional.  


Wondering how much coffee to order?

Here's an estimate of how much you'll get out of each bag.

12 oz. bag ~ 20 cups (8 oz.)

2 lb. bag ~ 60 cups (8 oz.)

5 lb. bag ~ 150 cups (8 oz.)