Bay Bay Espresso Blend (Medium-Dark)

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Flavor Notes: Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Orange Peel
Roast Level:  Medium-Dark
Origin:  Africa, Central America, South America

Discover a new dimension of espresso with our meticulously crafted medium-dark roast. This blend promises to redefine your coffee experience, offering a smooth and sweet profile that complements milk beautifully. 

Sourced from Africa, Central America, and South America, Bay Bay Espresso Blend is a harmonious fusion of international beans, bringing the best of the coffee world to your cup. 

Crafted with precision, this medium-dark roast captures the essence of complexity and balance in every cup. Don't miss the chance to savor the fusion of milk chocolate, peanut butter, and orange peel in every sip. 


Wondering how much coffee to order?

Here's an estimate of how much you'll get out of each bag.

12 oz. bag ~ 20 cups (8 oz.)

2 lb. bag ~ 60 cups (8 oz.)

5 lb. bag ~ 150 cups (8 oz.)