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Three Waves Coffee

Brazil Mixta (Medium-Dark)

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About this coffee

A delicious profile of sweet and creamy caramel flavors with a nutty finish. Excellent for a variety of brewing methods, including filtered drip, french press, or espresso.

Flavors: Sweet, Creamy, Caramel, Almond Butter, Blood Orange
Roast Level:  Medium-Dark
Grower: Fazenda Recanto and Fazenda Santa Helena
Region:  Perdizes, Caputira, Cerrado, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Process: Natural
Altitude: 950-1100 masl
Variety: Yellow Catuaí

About this coffee producer

One part of this regional blend comes from Fazenda Santa Helena owned by the Dutra family. The Dutra Family is known for their passion for sustainability and their focus on specialty grade processing. Solar energy is big at their fazendas where all of the depulpers run on solar power and the mechanical dryers are next on the agenda for this clean energy conversion. The estates collectively boast nearly 750 acres of native forest to protect water sources and create natural barriers to protect the coffee trees from wind and erosion. The Dutra family also takes their role as employer very seriously with big investments in a school located at the estates and a health care program for employees and their families.

But let’s not forget that this lot is a blend with the other component coming from Fazenda Recanto, owned by the Saquarema Group, which has an impressive collection of estates with nearly 8,000 acres of organic coffee cultivation and an impressively large production of organic fertilizer dedicated to sustaining organic coffee production in the region.


Any Questions?

Wondering how much coffee to order?

Here's an estimate of how much brewed coffee you'll get out of each bag.

10 oz. bag ~ 18 cups (8 oz.)

2 lb. bag ~ 60 cups (8 oz.)

5 lb. bag ~ 150 cups (8 oz.)