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Three Waves Coffee

Darker Roasts Subscription

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About this subscription

Pay as you go and enjoy regular deliveries of Three Waves Coffee every 2 or 4 weeks. Looking for a prepaid gift subscription? Click here.

About this coffee

Enjoy our favorite single origin coffees of the moment with a focus on medium and dark roast profiles. Selections rotate seasonally.


Any Questions?

Wondering how much coffee to order?

Here's an estimate of how much brewed coffee you'll get out of each bag.

10 oz. bag ~ 18 cups (8 oz.)

2 lb. bag ~ 60 cups (8 oz.)

5 lb. bag ~ 150 cups (8 oz.)

Not sure what grind type to select?

Select a grind type based on your brew method.

Fine ~ Espresso

Medium ~ Drip Coffee / Filter

Coarse ~ French Press / Cold Brew